Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters in the BVI
Information on Crewed Monohull, Catamaran and Motor Yacht Charters
in the warm Caribbean waters around Tortola, Virgin Gorda,
Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Peter Island, Necker Island
and Norman Island - The BVI is the perfect
place for a luxury Caribbean sailing
holiday or vacation!

luxury yacht charter

Crewed Yacht Charters

What could be better than having the luxury of exploring the pristine waters and bays of the BVI while being looked after by an experienced crew who will take care of your every need. Whether you want to learn a little about sailing, indulge in some watersports, experience the low key but lively bars and restaurants dotted around the coast, try your hand at Scuba diving or simply relax and enjoy the peace of the idyllic islands while being cooked and catered for?

The British Virgin Islands are a rare paradise; they are largely unspoilt, and there are hundreds of quiet little coves to explore. If you want a beach to yourself you can certainly find one here! Likewise, if you want to experience some of the local culture there is plenty to keep everyone entertained, and the more lively beaches such as Cane Garden Bay provide local music, crafts, restaurants and lively bars for those who want to try the famous rum punches and other local cocktails.

A crewed charter means no stress of sailing or navigating, great food cooked for you, and setting your own pace in the privacy of your very own floating home. Depending on the size of the boat, the length of the vacation and the number of crew required, organizing your own private charter can actually be less expensive than joining a cruise ship - where you would have to share the boat with hundreds of others!

The BVI has an enormous range of crewed boats available for charter. Whether you're looking for a monohull, catamaran, trimaran or prefer the speed and convenience of a motor yacht, your charter broker is sure to be able to find something suitable. From a 37 foot monohull, to a luxury trimaran over three times that length, you are sure to find something that will comfortably accommodate your group.

The Crew

An experienced broker will get to know you a little by your interaction prior to booking, and will match you with the most suitable crew. They can do this because they will know the crew on all the boats very well, and will have had feedback from previous charter guests. It's not just the boat that makes the vacation, but the people you meet along the way, especially if they are going to be with you for a week or more.

The importance of choosing a broker who lives in the islands and is always up to date with crew changes can not be overstated. That's why we recommend Destination BVI. It costs you nothing extra to book through a broker, and it makes all the difference. Plus the brokers are the first to hear of special offers and last minute deals that could be passed on to you!

Crewed Boats - Monohulls

Below is a list of crewed monohulls. For pricing details please contact your broker!

GLORY      37      2    Sail instruction
AMICUS      40      2    Massage/training
CORUS      46      2    Honeymoons
LABE JOSEPH      46      2    Sail & dive instruc.
QWEST      46      2    Honeymoons
SILENT PARTNER II       52      2    Sail Instruction
STORMPETREL      44      4    Fishing
HONIARA      44      4    Fishing
DREAM      50      4    Families
LA CREOLE       50      4    Sail instruction
HITAUK      62      4    Gourmet
BLEU TURQUISE      50      6    Hiking
SHENEMERE      51      6    Families
ISLAND SKIPPER      52      6    Guided tours BVI
MARGAUX      54      6    Water activities
STENELLA      63      6    Lots of activity
ELECTRA      68      6    Adventure
LIFE SONG      68      6    Families
AYACANORA      72      6    Gourmet
LIBERTE      66      8    Families
CAP II      76      8    Exploring
TABOO      81     10    Golf, families
SHAITAN      82     10    Exploring

Crewed Boats - Catamarans and Trimarans

Below is a list of crewed multihulls. For pricing details please contact your broker!

QUICKSILVER      40'      6    Adventure
FREE INGWE      45'      6    Windsurfing
JET STREAM      45'      6    Golf
SWISH      50'      6    Fishing
SLIPSTREAM      51'      6    Flyfishing
ALDEBARAN      57'      6    Water sports
AURORA      58'      6    Exploring
SEA CHATEAU      50'      7    Water sports
FLYING GINNY VII      55'      8    Kite boarding
BREANKER      55'      8    Hidden places
EQUITY      56'      8    Golf
AD ASTRA      57'      8    All water sports
DOUBLE FEATURE      57'      8    Kite boarding
SABORE      58'      8    Families
MARMOT      67'      8    Exploring
BRAVEHEART      54'      9    Fishing
FANTASY ISLAND      58'     10    Families
FREEDOM      65'     10    Families
PROMENADE      65'     10    Beach coaming
ZINGARA      76'     10    Water sports
LONE STAR      85'     12    Gourmet
WANDERLUST      65'     16    Families
CUAN LAW     105'     20    Families

Crewed Boats - Motor Yachts

Below is a list of crewed motor yachts. For pricing details please contact your broker!

CARABELLA      48'      2    Honeymoons
SEMPER FI      64'      6    Hobbicats
FLAME      65'      6    Weddings
RUNAWAY      79'      6    1. class service
ENLESS'      82'      8    Jacuzzi on deck
OBSESSION      85'     10    Exploring

Fleet Operators and Brokers

Below is a list of charter companies operating in the British Virgin Islands. The boats listed above may be booked through Sally at Destination BVI. The other companies listed may have a different selection of boats. Find out more by visiting their websites;

Destination BVI 1-284-495-2647
Conch Charters 1-284-494-4868
Horizon Yacht Charters 1-284-494-8787
Pro Valor Charters 1-284-495-1931
TMM Yacht Charters 1-800-633-0155
Virgin Traders Motor Yacht Charters 1-284-495-2526

General BVI Information

We are in the process of compiling a comprehensive list of contact details and recommended activities, restaurants and hotels. In the meantime here are some links that will get you started;

If you want a few nights on land in Tortola before or after your charter, we recommend you take a look at the Jewels of the BVI website for a wide range of locally owned and operated villas and hotels. Rooms are very limited so advance booking is highly recommended. If you prefer to be on the western side of the island, the Sugar Mill has a great restaurant and rooms are nice, if a little expensive. If you prefer the privacy of your own villa with swimming pool and amazing views of the British Virgin Islands you might like to consider Mermaid Villa for a vacation villa rental in the BVI

If you are looking for reasonably priced vacation rentals on Virgin Gorda try Gordian Terrace. Cool breezes and panoramic views across North Sound await.

If scuba diving is your thing, but you're not fond of large groups, we recommend We Be Divin' (Tel: 284 494 4320). Based at Village Cay, the dive shop is conveniently located and the perfect place to start your Tortola diving adventure. If your boat is not equipped with dive gear / instructor then they are a great choice, as they will happily rendezvous with your boat and provide all the necessary dive gear and guidance. They also rent some of the best dive gear in the BVI.

For further information on the range of activities and accommodations, please visit the BVI Tourist Board website.